Living with chickens

I started raising chickens in 2009. What started out as a way to get fresh eggs, became a passion. I had no idea how much I would fall in love with these wonderful creatures.

As I sit here listening to my little babies peep in the room next to me, I can recall my first batch.  I had ordered 30 chicks, straight run. Not knowing at the time what that meant, lol.

Thinking I was getting a nice variety of hens, I sped to the post office to pick them up when they called to tell me my babies had arrived. What I ended up with was 11 roosters, 12 meat birds, and a few laying hens. Live and learn.

7 months later, we were evicted from our house and had to give what chickens we had left away. We had butchered the meat birds and others had died from one thing or another. We had a few chickens left, and thankfully we were able to find them homes.

It would be a year and a half before I would be able to start over.

In March of 2011, we got 8 birds. Two Buff Orpingtons, both sexed as girls but one turned out to be a rooster. His name was Clyde. He died last October.263082_10150255661931624_4841047_n

A Barred Rock we named Alice. She was killed in a Coyote attack last summer


A couple of Amber whites, and a Turkey that was killed in a different Coyote attack.

We also got a Rhode Island Red we named Rylie. She became egg bound and died not long after.


We have many more chickens now, and many different breeds. I have learned a lot about chickens and I have made many mistakes in raising them for the past 6 years.

My hope here is to share what I have learned in raising chickens and to share that knowledge with you. I also want to show off my girls, and boys 🙂



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