How we got our name

When we bought this place four years ago, one of the things that sold us on it was the shop. My husband wanted a place to build his props and the space to do it. The added bonus was we could build the chicken coop as an add-on to it. The spot we picked already had the roof; we just needed to add walls. And as for the run, well the retaining wall would be able to act as part of it.

After a year we realized that it wasn’t such a great thing being able to add the chicken coop where we did. The shop has a metal roof, which is great for snow. Not so great for chicken runs. Every spring we have to fix the fencing because as the snow slides off the roof, it falls into the run and collapses the fencing that we have to repair.

To top it off, the retaining wall is leaning a little further every year. One of these years it is going to fall and when it does, it will fall right into the run and coop. After this winter we had I thought that this was going to be the year. But, it’s still up, just leaning a little more.

This brings us to where I explain how we got our name lol.

With the new babies, our current coop is too small for the number of birds we have. Adding the babies to the flock will make the coop crowded. And with the problems we have with it, we have decided to build a new one in a new location. And bonus, we can take our time and we will be able to design it the way we want.

So the name, Last week my hubby and I were talking about how much space we would need for the birds to live comfortably. Bantering ideas back and forth and deciding where the new coop and run would go. As I was putting things away, hubby looked at me, smiled and said, “So, are you excited for your new chicken coop deville”?  I paused then said, “that is a cute name, a really cute name”.

Over the next few days, my mind was twisting this name around and what I could do with it. I thought about what the sign on the coop would look like. I thought about starting a Facebook page and what I would share on it. Then I thought about a blog and what I would say.

Over the years of chicken keeping, I have learned a lot. People who know how much I love my chickens call me the chicken lady. They have asked me for advice about how to care for a broody hen and her chicks. What to do when this or that goes wrong. So I thought why not write about what I know. I love to talk about my chickens and the silly things they do. So I thought why not share my life with them with pictures and silly stories. And now that we have ducks too, I can share the silly things they do also.

My hope, with the things I share, is to be informative about chickens and how to care for them. By sharing my experience, my mistakes, and successes, that it will help someone just starting out. Or maybe give a different perspective to someone who has been doing this for years.



  1. Hey chicken lady! I love your post. I’m called the crazy chicken lady, which I didn’t own up to until I started baking for my chickens, then I figured, maybe I am slightly crazy about my chickens.
    I am so glad that you get the chance to redo your coop and make it what you want. With the experiences that you have it is for sure go be a great coop! I know our coops have developed greatly since our first one but we still wouldn’t change it because it has such a great story to tell.
    It’s great how much you can share and tell just because of chickens isn’t it? Hope to read more on your blog.
    Stopping by from

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