It Was A Day Like No Other

It was a day like no other for the little chickens and ducks. For their short little life, all they could remember was the four walls of their cage. So when they awoke that morning, they had no idea that something exciting was going to happen.

The person who cared for them came in like normal. But her actions were not. She took the cover off as normal and opened the front like normal, but instead of grabbing the water container to fill it, she put it off to the side. She also removed the food dish and the heat lamp. This was odd to the little ones, and they became very nervous.

She brought over a box and started picking up the little ones, one by one. This made them very, very, nervous. They all ran to the back of the cage, but one by one they were all picked up and put into the box. Then their cage was taken from the room, and their person came back and picked up the box.

As they were carried in the box, they began to hear noises they hadn’t heard before, to smell things they had never smelled before. This was strange to them and they didn’t understand what was going on. They were scared. All they wanted was for this to stop.

Soon the box was open and they were in their cage outside. The sun was shining down on them, something they had never felt before. The sand and grass under their feet, a gentle breeze floating across their new feathers, this was nice, they liked it a lot.

It wasn’t long before the ducks discovered the tub of water. Their person put some grass in it, and they had a heyday eating the grass in the water, then getting in the tub and playing. They have tried over and over to play in the water dish, but it wasn’t deep enough or big enough for real play. But this tub, it was perfect for the little ducks to have a great time in it.


The little chickens were soon scratching and pecking at the ground tasting things they had never tasted before. They were loving this new place, the sights, the sounds, and the smells. This place was different, but really, really, fun.

Soon, some bigger chickens came over to investigate what was going on in the cage. The big chickens were checking out the little ones, and the little ones were staring at the big ones. They had never seen a chicken so big before. Some of them were nervous, but a couple of brave ones went over to check them out. The ducks, they just kept playing in the water.

As the afternoon wore on, it started to get cold. The breeze wasn’t gentle anymore, and soon they were shaking from the cold blowing on their feathers. Their person put them back in the box and carried them back inside. Put them back in their cage and turned the heat lamp back on. She gave them fresh food and water. They soon started to warm up back in their familiar surroundings.

As they fell asleep that night, they dreamed of the outside. Of the sun, the dirt to scratch in, and the water to play in. Would they get to go outside again? They hoped so.






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